Continuing the conversations

Woohoo! 35% and climbing!

Woohoo! We have now reached 35% of the funding target! Thank you all so much! We will surely make the deadline with your help!

I now have some Dandy Little Fliers if you know of any good places or organisations where I can distribute them. Please email me at: with your ideas.

I am launching into Twitter today – perhaps belatedly but it will hopefully be another good avenue for continuing the conversations about ageing and dying well – the importance of heart centred care, being consciously prepared for our later years and knowing how to lovingly hold the space for each other as we come to our dying.

Last week I went to a conference in Glasgow organised by Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, on Unleashing Compassion. @LifeDeathGrief. A very inspiring day. No shortage of conversations there!

So dear and wonderful supporters. Thanks again for keeping the fire alive – please keep throwing on the sticks; logs make an even bigger blaze!

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Mother and grandmother, Lucy lives on the long wild coastline of East Lothian