Back to The Editors – Big Day in March

This is where we are now at … exciting times.

Apologies for the silence.

It’s not silent here, however.

The Editors have come back to me after their initial perusal of Leaves of Love. I was expecting to find this a traumatic experience and it was. But in a wonderful way. I was shaking with excitement throughout the conversation.
Such positive feedback and only half a dozen small comments/ queries. Plus, the request for a few more paragraphs around the whole process of learning this role and then living it. I enjoyed writing about all this and nearly got carried away … but didn’t. The manuscript is now back to The Editors for the second round. Fingers crossed this stage goes as smoothly.

Meantime I have filled in the first questionnaire about the book cover. I get the opportunity to have my say throughout the whole process which feels very empowering and adds to the thrill of this publishing journey. I am hoping they will use the large leaf lino cut that I made specifically for this purpose. I wonder how it will look.

So dear and wonderful friends and supporters. The weeks are whizzing past and we are ever nearer the Big Date in March. Thanks again for your help thus far. I cannot wait to send you your copy of Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well.

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Mother and grandmother, Lucy lives on the long wild coastline of East Lothian