Nearly there!

Hi there wonderful supporters!

Further to a recent email from Unbound it seems we all have to confirm our delivery addresses ASAP in order to receive our hard copies of Leaves of Love.

This has something to do with the Covid crisis… so please hunt out the email and reply – it might be in your junk folder. I would hate you to miss out.

It is all stations go here as I prepare for the Big Day – the launch on 20th August! I am having to engage my head in all sorts of new things – its exciting and terrifying.

Watch this space!

Huge thanks to you all for getting us this far – I would not be here without you.

Almost …


What a day! We are now almost there!!!

Hey everyone! Stupendous day!

Now we are almost there … anyone with £67 to spare then we are rolling!?

Next step, Leaves of Love heads off to the editor!

More thanks to you all than I can possibly express. Xxx

Cultivating confidence

While i have had my head under my wing….

I have been sitting on the proverbial river-bank, head under my wing, feeling very despondent. All the time wondering how to fan life back into my crowdfunding mission – how to make it sexy and exciting when clearly it is not!
Most people would prefer to do anything other than spend time considering their mortality or that of those they love. In fact, generally we run like crazy in the other direction, smothering life with distractions and chat about the weather.

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Leaves of Love needs your help!

Hey there, Leaves of Love friends, loyal followers and generous supporters, we have reached a plateau in the Crowdfunding! I am not sure where to turn now and need your help.

54% is brilliant, but sadly not enough.

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