About The Book

The publication of Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well is timely.

It is a unique pebble in your pocket guide for any time, but especially post Covid 19. It is also an essential read on how to find the positives in our ageing, the opportunities in our dying, and how best to share these gifts with those we accompany.

Since the Black Crow of Covid 19 swept through the world, we can be left in no doubt that death is an ever-present reality. Many have died in ways that were not of their choosing; alone, distanced from those they loved and possibly isolated from community.

Love was ever present but apparently impotent.

When care homes opened their doors once more and hospitals welcomed visitors, our priorities  changed – our feelings about aging and dying, shifted.

The natural world more appreciated.

And now, as we witness our magical world in crisis, the reality of our dependence on  nature is ever more apparent…

In preparing for an uncertain future we must ensure we know each other’s wishes, never miss an opportunity to hold a hand or say, ‘I am sorry’ and re-member the time-honoured craft of accompanying another through this sacred transition.

Ageing can be beautiful, dying can be the ‘crowning’ of a life. Simple, accessible, essentially practical, Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well is laced with creative ideas that empower, encourage, and inspire a compassionate and tender caregiving.

Ageing is for most of us. Death is for all of us.

With Leaves of Love by your side, it will be reassuring to know what to expect, what preparations to make and what skills are good to gather as you embrace the unknown.

There is no expert – only LOVE.