Winter is past – Spring has arrived!

As Winter moves on and Spring moves in,  it is a cause for celebration!

Birds wake us from sleep and at last we can sit outside in the warm sun and drink coffee with friends.

This time can however  be doubly frustrating for those who are in a care or hospital  environment, removed from the natural world.  Perhaps they can witness the burgeoning green haze from their room, but also, perhaps not.

Taking the outside in is very simple.  A posy of primroses, some fragrant lawn mowings in a bag, a fallen birds next or little chicks in a box.  What a joy this can be – a jubilant moment to share and treasure.

Its important not to underestimate the value of  these  small thoughtful gestures. What is everyday and ordinary for us can be a delight for someone whose life has become restricted.

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Mother and grandmother, Lucy lives on the long wild coastline of East Lothian