We want time not stuff, depth not glitz

10% in a Week!

Goodness me! 10% of the publishing funds raised in a week! That is surely fantastic! Thank you, guys! What treasures you are! I am quite overwhelmed by your generosity and support for this project.

One of my fellow Unbounders has raised 37 % in the same time – but then they have a scintillating title. Ageing and dying are not exactly subjects we as a culture relish thinking about – let alone reading about.

But in truth, as we now look at the possible demise of all that we hold dear (200 species a day facing extinction) it is clearly vital we face our own letting go – even if our own ageing might be denied us.

It’s like putting up two fingers to materialism – we want time not stuff, depth not glitz.

Learning to let go – seeing life as finite and everyday as precious – changes our lives – forever. There is a new vibrancy to all we do, every conversation and encounter. There are many layers to it but the first one is to think about it.
Please continue to spread the word. Leaves of Love not only shares stories but also tips and reflections on how we make practical plans and accompany each other at this time. It finds joy amid the pathos and love as the basis of everything. It also has the capacity to change lives – for the better.

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Mother and grandmother, Lucy lives on the long wild coastline of East Lothian