Hearing the Call

Who makes the call that we truly hear? Is it that of a bird, weasel, leaf in the wind or crying child?

What is the timbre and tone of the voice? Is it urgent or just a whisper in the wind?

By endorsing Culture Declares, we are calling out Creatives everywhere to align as one united community who can no longer be bystanders while the world heats up and our biodiversity disappears forever.

While our brothers and sisters are displaced, hungry and homeless. While there is still time – just- to BE effective change.

Please join us… it’s so easy.

Its empowering – its positive- it makes a difference.


Hedge Time

Hedge Time 

Today– such a day of days!
A dying to and rebirth day.

From frozen dawn to sunny bank. 
A hedgerow day.

Seeing the world through shining grasses
And high in the sky, raven’s eyes.

The day is blue – a nothing to do but Be day
Is this to be my last day?

A, why wait until I am dead to praise day.
A lay down my stuff and rest day.

A hound upon the path day
Stretched out and breathing bones upon dry earth day.

A, that will be me one day day.

Leaf in the wind day – a corvids
Who play to pause day.

Why have I waited so long?

 A, I am fat on gifts day
A time to celebrate day – fire
Burns the chaff away day.

Sparrow hawk with dead blackbird
Skims along the path
Owl hoots at midday
And cormorant swims upstream.

Is this my day to die day?

Lucy Aykroyd